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Short-Term Programs - Costs

The cost of a three-week program typically runs around $3,500; the cost of a four-week program typically runs around $4,250; the cost of a five-week program typically runs around $5,000.

The following are included in the cost of the programs:

  1. Tuition for Three Academic Credits.

  2. Housing in a furnished apartment with 2 students per room,
    4 students per apartment for the duration of the program.

  3. All necessary course materials
    (books, academic readers, photocopying, etc.).

  4. A one-month metro ticket for public transportation in Prague.

  5. Transportation and accommodation costs
    associated with all one-day and weekend field trips.

  6. Student-directed cultural budget of 50 Euro
    against receipts for books, movies and concerts

  7. We will pick-up and drop-off all students at
    the airport and will assume the transportation
    costs to and from the airport to the place of residence.

The following are not included in the cost of the program:

  1. Air flight costs to and from Prague.
  2. Living expenses (excluding accommodation) – approx. 150 per week.
  3. Student health insurance, which must be
    purchased in the student’s home country.