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Do I need a Student Visa?

Most students applying from North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan will not require a student visa. Since students enrolled in Dartmore study abroad programs travel to countries outside of the Czech Republic during the semester, they will not remain in the Czech Republic longer for more than the legal number of 30 consecutive days, which are 30. Therefore, students are not required to have a student visa and are essentially considered tourists.

Some students, however, may require a tourist visa to enter the Czech Republic and other countries visited during Dartmore study abroad programs (Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Germany). All students should call, e-mail, or visit the embassies of the countries mentioned above to find out if a tourist visa is required.

Do I Need Insurance?

All students participating in any program must have medical insurance that covers them while abroad in case of accident or illness. If a student’s current policy does not cover him/her while studying abroad, the student must purchase a policy that will cover him/her in the event of accident or illness for the duration of the study program. It is strongly recommended that the chosen plan covers medical expenses for basic medical care, including doctors' visits for minor illnesses.

Do I Need an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)?

We advise all students to purchase an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) before arriving in Prague. The card allows students to obtain discounts on travel, entrance to museums, theatres, and other tourist attractions throughout Europe. It may be also used to obtain cheap travel insurance. For more information about the application conditions and procedures, please visit the ISTC web site at http://www.istc.org.

Students may also purchase a card after arriving in Prague at GTS Travel. For more information, visit their web site at http://www.gtsint.cz/go/en/home/.

Can I Take a Foreign Language Class?

Students may enroll in foreign language courses at the institute.  These courses are not mandatory.

The following foreign language classes are also offered at the institute:

  1. Survival Czech (non-credit), Czech for Beginners, Intermediate Czech
  2. German for Beginners, Intermediate German, Advanced German
  3. Spanish for Beginners, Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Spanish
  4. Russian for Beginners, Intermediate Russian, Advanced Russian
  5. French for Beginners, Intermediate French, Advanced French

All courses, except for Survival Czech, are three-credit courses and meet twice a week for one hour and half.

The Survival Czech course meets once a week for an hour and half.

If there are not a minimum of 5 students in a particular class, the institute will arrange for classes outside of the institute at the institute’s expense.