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Why Study Abroad in Prague?

  1. Since the Velvet Revolution in 1989, which brought an end to nearly 40 years of communism, Prague has become the city that best typifies the ongoing social, cultural, and economic renovation that all of Central Europe is experiencing. As a result, Prague has attracted some of the brightest minds from around the world to live, work, and study in, what can arguably be called Europe’s most beautiful capital city.

  2. Prague is a student’s paradise. Over the past fifteen years it has become one of Europe’s most vibrant centers of entertainment and culture. The wealth of dance clubs, cafes, tea houses, restaurants, and, of course, classic Czech beer halls, provide students with a multiplicity of ways to enjoy themselves outside of the classroom.

  3. Prague’s location allows Dartmore students to travel easily to many of Europe’s most famous and historic cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Rome and Milan. Prague also has a wide selection of package tours that cater to travelers looking to experience the beaches of the Balkans, Bulgaria, and the Greek Islands.