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Weekly Cultural and Social Events

Another important part of helping students to feel more at home in their new environment are the weekly cultural and social events organized by the Institute’s staff and faculty. Every week there are several different events arranged for Dartmore students to meet Czech and other foreign students studying in Prague. Students also go on several different tours of the city to familiarize themselves with the city’s entertainment, sporting, and recreational venues. Cultural and social events are also arranged for students while outside of Prague on student field trips in Krakow, Vienna, Budapest, and Berlin.

What’s Going On In Prague?

To get a better idea of what’s going on in Prague, students can check out the following web sites:

  1. Prague City Server – This portal provides all types of information about restaurants, clubs, current exhibitions, and much more.

  2. The Prague Post Prague's best weekly English language newspaper - a great source for what's going in Prague's pubs, clubs, museums, and theatres, plus a wide variety of restaurant reviews.

  3. Prague TV This site’s mission is provide a fun, useful resource to livers-in and lovers-of Prague. It is by far the best site geared towards students.

  4. Prague On this page you can find links to photographs of the most interesting historical sites in Prague.

  5. Andel 3w’s This portal also provides all types of useful information about cultural events, shopping, embassies, and much more.