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Students stay in completely furnished apartments in one of Prague’s most charming and safest neighborhoods – Prague 6. This residential neighborhood is home to many of Prague’s foreign embassies and a large percentage of its foreign residents. It is about 15 - 20 minutes, using public transportation, from the institute’s home, the National Museum of Modern Art, and about 10 -15 minutes from the historic city center. There are several restaurants, clubs, cafes, and shops that accommodate non-Czech speaking clients.

The landlords that cooperate with the institute are carefully chosen. All of them have extensive experience in dealing with foreign residents and are very sensitive to cross-cultural matters.

Two to six students live together in each apartment, depending on the size of the apartment. Students may choose to have their own room in an apartment for an additional cost of 800 EU. Local phone calls are free of charge, and the institute staff will assist students in purchasing international calling cards and mobile phones. Students receive a three-month public transportation pass, which allows them to travel freely around the city and discover its riches.