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Private study:  

  • You can join some of our existing short-term programs that typically are two to six weeks in duration and are scheduled in May, June and July. Students seeking opportunity to do research or to enroll in internships and tutorials should contact us at
  • Dartmore Programs Succeed Due to Tailoring and Attention to Detail


    The Dartmore Institute offers students:

    • Study abroad programs that focus on Central European Studies. All of the programs are based in Prague - a student’s paradise, which has become one of Europe’s most vibrant centers of entertainment and culture.

    • Programs that integrate study trips and walking tours into all aspects of its curriculum and emphasize personal encounters with the cities that define Central Europe.

    • Liberal Arts Program: from short-term stay through full-semester program that offers a unique perspective on the rich history and culture of Central Europe and on the sweeping social, political and economic transformations that this region has undergone over the past fifteen years.

    • Art & Architecture Program: from short-term stay through full-semester program introduces students to the cultural milieu of Central European art and architecture via formal lectures and seminars held in the Institute’s unique headquarters, the Czech National Gallery Museum of Modern Art. This program also includes study trips and walking tours to some of Central Europe’s most majestic cities.

    • Jewish Studies Program: from short-term stay through full-semester program explores the true nature of Jewish life in Central Europe. Students will experience history first-hand by walking the streets of former Jewish ghettoes, by studying the cultural and religious landmarks of Jewish existence, and by, quite literally, following in the footsteps of European Jewish civilization.

    • Summer Program: a three-week to six-week liberal arts programs in which students participate in lectures, discussions, and cultural events that help them to discover and experience the culture of Central Europe firsthand. Students spend a considerable amount of time visiting other cities that highlight the regional spirit of Central Europe. Vienna and Krakow are on the current itinerary.

    • The Programme in Refugee Studies is a one-year programme of study and practical work experience. The first five months of academic training in Prague and Krakow are followed by six months of working at partner institutions in non-industrialized countries as well as in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

      Refugee Studies provides the only multidisciplinary academic training in the forced migration and refugee field in Central and Eastern Europe. The main idea behind this programme is to link high quality innovative research with improving the conditions, rights and lives of the ever-growing number of refugees and other forced migrants. It aims to achieve this via rigorous academic training and relevant practical internships leading to first-hand experience and networking.

      The programme is attractive to a wide range of students, academics, policy makers and professionals engaged in reform regarding issues relating to forced migration and refugees..

      Refugee Studies


    The Dartmore Institute is an accredited, not-for-profit educational institute based in Prague, Czech Republic.